Sofia Gospel Choir
What we believe?

We believe in the Christian values – love, trust, benevolence, faith in the good change, hope, mutual aid, and mutual acceptance, no matter the differences in the social status, ethnos, origin or religious beliefs. Everyone who believes in the gospel message – faith in God, love towards people, honouring the Christian values – is welcome.

Who can be a part of the Choir?

Everyone who likes gospel music, loves to sing, and is a positive person can participate together with us. A member can become anyone, who is at the age of 16 and over.

What kind of gospel music we sing?

Traditional gospel songs, like old spirituals, a cappella songs, contemporary choir and solo songs, as well as Bulgarian Christian songs of different authors.

What are our purposes?

Our main purpose is to make gospel music popular in Bulgaria, as well as its values, and to create new friendship and fellowship between people, based on mutual respect, trust and acceptance.

Our vision for the future

To create a community of people, who not only perform gospel music, but also have a positive attitude towards life and the human relationship. We believe that even a small group of people but with different way of thinking, can help for the positive change of the society.

Future projects

Participation in concerts, festivals, music forums, performance and recording of contemporary Bulgarian music of different authors, as well as mutual projects with other choir and orchestra formations.

We have already established connections with other gospel choirs from Western Europe and America, and we are planning some mutual projects, participations in workshops and festivals for gospel music in Bulgaria and abroad.

Sofia Gospel Choir has been found in 2012 in the city of Sofia by Geri Balevska.